Dear Wayne Gibbons sir,

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to you for all your comments,guidance, advice on my blog.It was really a wonderful journey of social media tools learning. I have learned various new things from this course. I am very much delighted to be a part of this course. Thank you very much to you sir and all team member of Rudai23 team. All our instructors have done very hard work to bring this wonderful MOOC. It is requested if possible for Rudai23 team to provide notes of this course, that will be beneficial for all the participants.



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Thing 23 Making It All Work Together

I have used Buffer and Hootsuite both. I find buffer is easy then Hootsuite. But I think buffer only provide to post content in many social media platform from a single place. But in Hootsuite we can see our content of several social media account. Therefore I will prefer hootsuite. off course  it is  difficult to keep up with all your social media accounts. once I registered one social media management tool But I forgot it’s name. A few days after my registration they had discontinued their seriveces due to some technical reason.Please let me know some integrating tools for EMAILS.

Thing 22: Mobile Things

Few years ago I was using my mobile for checking my email etc. But I will always prefer a laptop or desktop over mobile.I have my own reason.

  1. For larger screen
  2. For more memory space
  3. For Keyboard

I enjoyed very much all 21 things but for Thing 22 I can not say like this Or may be I don’t own smart phone or tablet that’s the reason. But I like Beacon technology. Where can one find tutorial on GUMIT.

THING 20 Presentations



It was my first International Conference. I had presented a paper. Although I had some experience but due to it’s international scope I was very nervous. I had read my paper many times than I prepared slide. One of my well wisher advised me you should be focused on the content of your paper not on the animation styles of ppt. Therefore I did the same. Slides limit was also there. Very less time was given. Over all it was not a very good experience for me.
                                                        If I can change something off course  I will ask more time.  I will prefer all the tips for me and for anyone which are given in Thing 20.

Thing 19: The Legal Side of Things

PUBLIC DOMAIN ARCHIVE FOR FREE IMAGES    is a website which provides  free photographs under the CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication. It gives the liberty to copy, modify, distribute and perform the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.  I have downloaded photographs from it I do not understand how to  attribute them appropriately.  Image are available on various categories in this website for example

Any Information professional can use it while providing any information in a social media tool.



Thing 17 Reflective Practice

Write a blog entry describing how you could use reflective practice in your library experience.

Every day I face many patrons with various aspirations in my  Library. They are not looking only for information according to their syllabus but also they want some information literacy. It is  enjoyable to teach them about various digital entities.